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SIXPAD × Cristiano Ronaldo Project

SIXPAD Global Project
Beauty / Wellness
MTG Co.,Ltd.
July 2015 -
Aiming to be the world’s No.1 EMS brand, a global project where we were involved from the product development
We produced the brand development, advertising and promotion for MTG Co., Ltd’s EMS Training Gear「SIXPAD」with the world’s No.1 football player, Cristiano Ronaldo as not only the brand ambassador but as a product developing partner who provided advice to develop the product based on his training theory. We not only produced the TV advertisement but also the brand image, packaging, and the preparation in getting the products in the shops, we did the total production from A to Z.


SIXPAD was a sponsorship partner for the「FIFA Club World Cup 2016」, the world’s No.1 football competition, which was hosted in Japan. Our promotion made full use of the football movement taking place, especially when Cristiano Ronaldo played.


Securing the world’s No.1 football player, Cristiano Ronaldo, we produced the promotion for the launch of MTG Co., Ltd’s「SIXPAD」. Cristiano did many types of PR activities from press conferences to appearing on TV show, to instill the image of Cristiano using the 「SIXPAD」to consumers.
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